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Why is writing my hobby?

Not sure! Like a suspicious amount of the world's population, I, too, tend to live in a fictional world. Wishing for a love story like Elizabeth and Darcy or making suave escapes like James Bond, I am constantly meddling in the sinister world of fantasy. And, as is the anticipated side effect, my expectations from reality are unreal. However, being the awesomely sensible person I am, I do not let it get to my head. Constantly refocusing myself, I can keep the lines between reel and real unblurred. Though, my partner strongly disagrees! Anyhow, a girl can surely wish for a letter to fly into her room signed by a some Minerva McGonagall. Wait, WHAT? Refocus Kritee!!!

So back to the topic at hand, why writing? Right from childhood, after finishing a book or a movie, my brain always used to keep weaving stories about what happened to the characters next. Alternatively, I would make myself the story's hero (I know it's cliché! but we all do that, right?) and set up dialogues with imaginative characters in myriad situations. Therefore, 'thinking' took up most of my free time. But it would not be so straightforward to tell someone that my hobby is thinking. Then, one day, it suddenly occurred to me that why don't I put these futile musings to constructive use. And that's how a great hobby was born, writing! This 'eureka' moment conveniently coincided with my graduation from university, after which I was required to apply for jobs. I was made to understand the answer to "What are your hobbies?" can be the deciding factor in an interview. Hence, from now on, writing will be my official hobby! Interviewer: "What do you write?", Me: "Poems, articles, short stories....", Interviewer: "Wow, awesome!" I got the job. Mind you, writing is a very lucrative hobby, especially as I was applying for a tech job.

Indeed this is how it started. To put my thoughts into words in a structured and, of course, creative form. It acts as a channel to get myself out of the fictional world and step into actuality. I know I will not be invited to a Jay Gatsby soirée. However, as compensation, why don't I write about the most mysterious soirée ever held.

In this way, the jumbled reflections in my head became meaningful and presentable to be put into a written format. And slowly, I started to feel it. The joy of looking at a row of trees during the autumn, the sorrow of living a continent away from my family or the annoyance when I see apathetic behaviour, I resort to writing. I sense satisfaction when I put it out in the form of verses, a fictional tale or just a raw narrative. I feel I have been heard, even if it is just for my reading. Also, being able to create a potentially literary composition gives me contentment. So though it started out as a marriage of convenience, I have fallen in love with writing. I am in love with the idea of bringing together that perfect combination of words to describe an emotion, whereby the readers would be like, "She said it. This is exactly how I was feeling." Taking everything into account, I realise I wouldn't mind spending my time writing. Writing is my official hobby.

Contrary to the philosophical expression, writing did not choose me. Also, I wouldn't be so arrogant as to say I chose writing. Instead, I would put it like a deal gone right. Okay, now I sound like a very famous and successful writer. And you must be wondering how many bestsellers this girl has to her name? Well, none, at least for now. A girl can dream! I have ideas that would make for some exciting plots, like all aspiring writers. I intend to fill pages with impeccable writing and heartfelt moments, like all aspiring writers. I dream of showing the world the might of my pen, like all aspiring writers. I plan to start today!

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